About the farm

Eva Mae Farm is an ecological farm located near Brighton, Ontario in the hills of Northumberland County. In addition to following organic principles, the farm:

  • Uses a minimum of off-farm inputs

  • Minimizes disruptions to the local ecosystem

  • Builds rather than depletes soil fertility

  • Upholds fair labor principles for all farm participants/workers

  • Seeks to attain carbon neutrality for on-farm activities through soil building

  • Believes that all people have the right to healthy, sustainably produced food.


Hard at work


Since acquiring the land in late 2011, we have been hard at work getting set up and preparing the garden areas. The growing season in 2013 was dedicated to setup and trialing in our main garden. Our first production season in 2014 was a great success and we're looking forward to more growth in the years to come.

Planting potatoes



We have chosen to focus our energy on developing direct relationships with our customers as an alternative to third party organic certification. While we have great respect for certified organic producers, we feel that the certification process can be redundant when consumers are able to meet with the farmer directly. In addition, certified organic is not necessarily a panacea: many practices that are allowed under the organic rules can be just as destructive as their chemical farming counterparts. We use the Canadian Organic Standards as a minimum baseline and exceed them in many areas.



We grow a wide variety of vegetables. We prefer heirloom and open pollinated (non-hybridized) varieties, and in many cases save our own seed, slowly adapting them to our local microclimate. We select varieties first and foremost for superior taste and nutrition.

We grow 25-30 different vegetables per year, with several different varieties of each one.