Recipe: Wilted Mustard Greens

Wilted Mustard Greens

Peppery mustard greens are spicy and delicious raw but can be wilted like spinach and served warm. Here I decided to use some leftover cooked chicken for a fast and tasty lunch for me and the kids.


- 3 cups mustard greens, ripped into large pieces
- 10 garlic scapes, chopped
- 2 small chicken breasts, cooked and sliced
- 2 tbsp olive oil
- 1 tbsp sesame oil
- 2 tbsp chicken broth
- salt to taste


1. Heat olive and sesame oils on medium. Enjoy the yummy sesame fragrance.

2. Add garlic scapes and cook about 5 minutes or until softened

3. Add mustard greens and chicken broth and stir gently

4. Add chicken and stir all together until greens are thoroughly wilted, about 2-3 minutes

5. Serve and enjoy, ideally with a couple of goofs at the table!