Snow problem...

This is a picture of my little hoophouse. It's unheated, but if buttoned down tight overnight it's just enough protection to start cold-hardy transplants. Unfortunately, after digging out the snow from the sides I found a solid three inch layer of ice firmly holding the plastic to the ground - left over from the ice storm plus all the melt since then I guess. There's no getting in until we have some warmer days.

Hoophouse buried in snow

Time for a new plan. I built a little A-frame structure and covered it in some extra greenhouse plastic that I had left over. You can use cheaper vapor barrier plastic from the hardware store but it's not UV stabilized so it doesn't last as long and creates a lot more waste.

A-Frame seedling house

Although it took longer to build than the bent hoop design, I can vent it through the end walls (the black clamps on the frame hold the plastic open or closed) instead of rolling up the sides and I can walk inside to water so it will save me a bit of time down the road.