Recipe: Butter Braised Radishes

Our first harvest goes out to our CSA members this week and so we're celebrating with our first recipe of the season. Hooray for radishes!

Butter Braised Radishes

The sharp taste of raw radishes is great in salads or for a snack. Cooking them lightly in butter (or fat of your choosing) softens their harsh bite and makes for a lovely side dish to accompany a late spring dinner.


- 1 cup of radishes
- 1-2 tsp butter
- sprig of mint
- salt to taste


1.  cut radishes into quarters

2.  coarsely chop mint

3. melt butter on low-medium heat

4. add radishes and cook for about 10 minutes

5. radishes should look softened and translucent when done

6. toss with mint and salt and serve

Serves two as a side dish or one hungry toddler as a mid-morning snack