Greenhouse 2

Another fall, another offseason building project! After the success of our first year with our greenhouse, I've decided to build a second one. The new one will be smaller and dedicated to seedlings so that I don't end up trying to juggle space between seedling benches and young plants in soil. This way I can have a separate space just for seedling benches and I don't have to worry about when to move them aside for bed space.

I'm also making the new greenhouse warmer than the other one in a few different ways. One is to make the walls a double instead of single layer of plastic. Another is to replace the roll up sides (used for ventilation on hot summer days) with non-movable insulation to retain heat.

Other designs for added warmth are still in progress - like a water tank for the seedlings trays to sit in that will circulate water warmed by the daytime sun overnight to keep temperatures steady. I'll post more updates as this project moves forward!