Spring in the greenhouse

The new greenhouse (that we built at the end of last year) is a hub of activity these days.  I've got insulating row cover fabric clipped to the trellis wires for an extra sheltered seedling area at one end. The extra insulation has been just enough to get through the cold nights with no external heat source - for now this is 100% solar powered.

On the benches, onions and broccoli are growing along, oblivious to the snowy scene outside.

Onion seedlings

The benches are steadily filling up. For now, I'm keeping the heat lovers (like tomatoes) under lights in the basement, but they will make their way out eventually.

Moving in some new trays

Benches filling up with spinach, beets and turnips

The other side of the greenhouse (outside the seedling area) is already prepped for some in-ground crops that will get going in the first week of April. Even though I'm sure I will be sick of working up beds by late spring, for now it has been a treat working with real soil in the greenhouse while everything is frozen solid outside.