Drop by for a visit!

We love having friends and CSA members stop by the farm for a visit, especially during the growing season. One of our visions is to make the link between farm and plate as short and direct as possible, so don't underestimate the power of seeing where your food is growing and talking to the farmer who grows it.

Although not members of the farm because they live in B.C. (move to Ontario you guys!), it was still a delight to show 3 year old Xavier and his parents Randy and Claire around the farm. Getting kids connected to the soil and in touch with how their food gets to them gives me hope for the future. In school they learn about recycling and turning off the tap and carpooling (all important things, don't get me wrong), but on the farm they learn about caring for the land that feeds us. I can't help but feel that that is the more tangible lesson, especially given what concrete thinkers kids are. Whether you come here or not, take your kids to a farm this summer!