Summer Meals

One of our CSA members, Mary, sent us a photo of a delicious looking dinner enjoyed by her and her family. Thanks, Mary! It makes us happy to think of your adorable family eating such a yummy meal made with our farm fresh veggies.

I've been having fun photographing our dinners for over a decade now, both the simple ones and the over-the-top-turducken ones (technically a gooturduckenail - guess what that is and I'll give you a prize). Ultimately I think it's the summer meals that are the most photogenic - must be all the pretty colours and the general excitement of summer. 

Anyway, all that is to say: don't let me hog the blog space for yummy Eva Mae Farm meals! Send us a photo of your fantastic creation and we'll feature it here. Why bore your Facebook friends with your dinner pics when we'll happily ooh and ahh over your gustatory delights?