Kids Garden

This spring the kids and Eric planted a little mini garden in the front near the house. Rose was heavily invested in all the planning work that went into it, being the sort of nerdy kid who loves making lists and grids and so on.

All through the spring and summer the kids visited their garden daily and watched its progress. Help with weeding and maintenance was less enthusiastic, but they did get involved to a small degree. In total they planted 8 veggies plus a small corn field which you can see in the tall grass behind them.

You can also see the dry, dead grass all around the little garden, which is typical of what everything in this area looks like thanks to the severe drought conditions we're experiencing this summer. You couldn't tell just from this photo but the tall grass in the back hasn't been mowed all season which is very unusual as we typically need to bush hog it at least once before mid-summer or it grows out of control.

Of course the best part of a veggie garden is harvesting! My favorite part is the look of pride on Rose's face.