CSA Membership Changes

Things are looking lush and delicious as the spring veggies get bigger!

By popular demand we've changed our CSA membership a bit to add some flexibility for our local pick-up members. You can still sign up for the whole 18 week season and save on the per box price, but if you'd rather only commit to 6 weeks at a time you now have the option of enrolling for a shorter membership. Of course at the end of the 6 weeks if you want to continue you can sign up for the next 6 (or 12) weeks if available.

We're also offering single trial boxes for $40 for those who would like to give the CSA experience a whirl before becoming members of the farm. Contact us via the website or our Facebook page to inquire about trial box availability.

Check out our CSA page for more details.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had our first frost last night, but just a light one that did no real damage in the garden. Rose ran out to the front of the house this morning to check on the little cherry tomatoes plants she put in this summer. Happily, they survived and there were smiles all around. She's hoping the last few tomatoes get to ripen before the real frost hits.

Last night was a harbinger of the colder, stiller, less abundant days to come, which seems fitting on a weekend when we celebrate the bountiful harvest season, now coming to an end. We're thankful for the land that feeds us and we think there's nothing better than a great big delicious meal to celebrate that. We also want to thank all our CSA members for supporting the farm this year and hope you have something fantastic to eat this weekend. Happy thanksgiving!


CSA member Sarah made this fantastic looking vegan quiche with zucchini, sweet peppers, onions and basil. We're always excited to see what tasty goodies our farm members create from the bounty of our garden. Not only is it great to share in the yumminess, but it's inspiration for me personally when I'm wondering what to make for dinner. Quiche is definitely on the menu this week. Thanks, Sarah!

Summer Meals

One of our CSA members, Mary, sent us a photo of a delicious looking dinner enjoyed by her and her family. Thanks, Mary! It makes us happy to think of your adorable family eating such a yummy meal made with our farm fresh veggies.

I've been having fun photographing our dinners for over a decade now, both the simple ones and the over-the-top-turducken ones (technically a gooturduckenail - guess what that is and I'll give you a prize). Ultimately I think it's the summer meals that are the most photogenic - must be all the pretty colours and the general excitement of summer. 

Anyway, all that is to say: don't let me hog the blog space for yummy Eva Mae Farm meals! Send us a photo of your fantastic creation and we'll feature it here. Why bore your Facebook friends with your dinner pics when we'll happily ooh and ahh over your gustatory delights?

We Love Visitors!

We've been fortunate to have many visits from friends and CSA members throughout the summer. We encourage all our members to come by the farm and check it out!

8 year old Theo learns about where his food is grown.

Saying hi to the chickens with a passel of kids and CSA member Daron.

Saying hi to the chickens with a passel of kids and CSA member Daron.

Christine and Eric discuss the veggies while Danny poses for a J. Crew catalog shoot.

Jon and Daron check out what's next to be harvested.