Summer's End

After an unusually cool summer it seems we're on the cusp of an early fall. This might mean some of our summer veggies fade out a bit sooner, but fortunately we've still got lots of tasty fall veggies to look forward to.

The tomato leaves start to die back once the days get shorter and the nights get cooler. Production of new tomatoes will typically slow down at this point, but there are still loads of unripe and semi-ripe tomatoes catching whatever rays of sun they can to hopefully take us into October.

The cherry tomatoes are still out in force and looking delicious.

The sweet peppers, like the tomatoes, are slowing down in growth, but there are still lots left to ripen.

Here come the fall veggies! Through the large leaves of this winter squash plant (called Gold Nugget) we spy some flashes of orange.

Can you spot the two growing butternut squashes in this photo? On a cool day like this I'm looking forward to a warm, comforting butternut squash soup.

Are you ready for fall?