Hello Corn!

We are just past the mid-point of summer and that marks the start of corn season. Tall,  tassel-headed corn is all around us, both in our garden and in the countless cornfields nearby that we drive past daily.

A ubiquitous August sight in rural Southern Ontario.

Unfortunately, the raccoons and crows have also noticed our corn so it's been a bit of battle. Eric wrapped an extra row of electric fencing around the corn to keep out the ground assault, and today he and Rose built a scarecrow to fend off the airborne pests.

Scarecrow outfitted by Winners, Modcloth and Old Navy. In other words, I own the lion's share of clothes in the relationship (plus Eric wears his clothes to shreds).

We had our very first taste of this year's corn at dinner last night with some of the runts and oddly shaped ears that won't make it into the boxes. The kids are expert huskers, which is great because I hate husking. Get to your Husking Station, girls!

At the Husking Station (our back step) with a bucket for the husks and two bowls for the corn (before and after).

Look for corn to make it into the boxes in the next two weeks. How long it lasts depends on how successful we are in fighting off the hungry pests!

Crows, beware!